Philly Cheesesteak Station Philly Cheesesteak Station Philly Cheesesteak Station

Cappuccino On Call is all ready to serve Philadelphia’s best and authentic Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches at your next event. These unique treats are made with Italian rolls, beef or chicken, melted cheese and other delicious toppings, to create a powerhouse of flavors and cheesiness within a sandwich.

We serve 100% fresh ingredients, and our talented chefs bring in the authentic Philadelphia zest to every sandwich. Your guests can easily customize their delights as we offer on-site cooking. You can also add mayonnaise and other delicious sauces to your Philly sandwich, and add your signature taste to your customized treat.

We cook everything in front of guests, to show them the magic and entertainment of our Philly Cheesesteak Station. Our professional staff and executive chefs will work together to give every guest at your event a memorable Philly to remember.

Don’t order but make your Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches with classic grills and mouthwatering ingredients at your upcoming event. Our secret? Fresh ingredients, gourmet flavors, and scrumptious toppings.

Give us a call today and bring in Phil’s Steaks to your next party or special event with Cappuccino On Call.