Mini Burger Station Mini Burger Station Mini Burger Station

Do you have a party to throw? Bring in the flavorful zest of delicious burgers into your event’s menu with Cappuccino On Call. Our mini burgers are grilled on site for your birthday, baby showers, receptions, holiday party, corporate event, mitzvahs, appreciation days, and other special events.

Our executive chefs create the best mouth watering menu for every occasion, while our catering team coordinates with you to fully satisfy your guests’ taste buds. For large events, we have a fully staffed team of talented chefs and professional event staff.

From vegetarian mini burgers filled with fresh vegetables, cheese, and tangy sauces to burgers for meat lovers with beef and chicken, we offer it all from our mini burger station.

We promise to use only the freshest and high-quality ingredients with delicious extra toppings like mushrooms, crispy red onions, Wisconsin cheddar, pepper jack and swiss.

Our foods are food you can love! Our chefs showcase their culinary skills in front of the guests and deliver their favorite customized mini burgers. An atmosphere of joy and excitement will fill your event, and our mini burger station will soon become the focal point.

Give us a call today and book our mini burger station for your upcoming event.