Nitro Nitro1 Nitro2

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, which has been steadily growing in popularity the past few years, is made by using liquid nitrogen to flash-freeze the cream base. Because everything is frozen so quickly, it produces ice crystals much smaller than any you’ll find in mass-produced ice cream and incorporates almost no oxygen, resulting in a thick, silky mixture. This also can mean a fresher treat, often without any preservatives.

Your guests start by picking either ice cream or yogurt as the base, and then flavor it with natural ingredients of the nearly 20 mix-n’s on the periodic table, including little-known elements such as gummy bears (Gb) and Pop Tarts (Pt). Then we mix it all together, and then add a hefty blast of liquid nitrogen and now you have a one of a kind dessert made to order in front of your eyes.