Ice Cream Soda Bar Ice Cream Soda Bar Ice Cream Soda Bar

Are you someone who enjoyed their childhood days by mixing different sodas and ice creams together, and enjoyed the perfect blend of sweetness and tanginess? Now you can revisit your golden days and add the same flavor to your next event with an sensational Ice Cream Soda Bar.

We have created a wide range of ice cream flavors and sodas on a cart, where your guests can let their imagination flow and create something super delicious drinks. This is an ice cream plus soda extravaganza that will be loved by adults and kids alike.

At Cappuccino On Call, we only use the finest and most delicious soft ice creams that can be easily blended with different sodas, to give our a perfect refreshing drink. The colorful and vibrant appeal of our ice cream soda bar will please every guest, and will add charm to the décor of your celebration.

It is an ideal addition to events like kids birthday party, baby showers, appreciation day, network events, mitzvahs, and much more.

Give us a call and we will set up our finest ice cream soda bar at your upcoming event.