Fudge Puppy’s Station Fudge Puppy’s Station Fudge Puppy’s Station

Our original Fudge Puppies creation is the most delicious and newest way of adding a fun food treat to your upcoming event. These are wonderfully delicious delights that are made of toasty waffles dipped with various scrumptious ingredients like whipped cream, sauces, nuts and much more.

We dip the waffles in our secret recipes of chocolate sauces and other toppings that make our every fudge puppy a unique sugary surprise. Our highly trained event staff is topped with whipped cream, nuts, and candies and we serve it on a stick.

Fudge Puppy Station is a popular demand for events like birthdays, mitzvahs, corporate events, weddings, baby showers, retirement party, family events, and much more.

You can add our other popular stations like Ice Cream Soda Bar, Cotton Candy Station and Popcorn Station, to make everything fun and incredibly joyful.

Whether it is a casual trade show or a professional network event, our Fudge Puppy Station will fit perfectly in any occasion.

Give us a call and we will book our wonderful Fudge Puppy Station for your party today!