Belgian Waffle Station Belgian Waffle Station Belgian Waffle Station

We offer a unique Belgian Waffle experience to our clients and their guests at events like corporate events, network events, birthdays, baby showers, mitzvahs, appreciation day, and many more occasions. Our talented chefs create the perfect combination of brioche dough and nib sugar, while our friendly event staff served the attendees.

We long for a mesmerizing caramelized touch on the top and interesting flavors on the inside of every Belgian Waffle that leaves our station. The texture is perfect, and every bite will take your guests on a ride to the food streets of Belgium.

We handcraft our Belgian waffles and make them from fresh mixtures and toppings. The batter is prepared from old family recipe, to give our station the best authentic Belgian touch. We intent to enrich your upcoming event with our culinary skills, and give everyone memories to cherish.

Our mission is to deliver great-tasting high-quality Belgian Waffles that will transform your event into an occasion filled with excitement and thrill.

Our fresh off the host cast iron waffles dusted with powdered sugar and topped with delicious ingredients is a treat that your guests will adore.

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