Espresso Bar Drinks


Espresso, steamed milk, and foam, not sweetened in any way unless you ask for syrup or sugar in it.


Like a latte, only much more foam; normally half milk half foam, unless "wet" or "dry" is specified This is also not sweetened, and an "iced cappuccino" doesn't really exist at Starbucks. Since iced drinks are made without foam, an iced cappuccino is the same as an iced latte.


Espresso diluted with hot water until it's roughly the strength of regular coffee. An Americano will usually have one more shot than a latte of the same size.

Mocha Latte

Espresso and steamed milk mixed with chocolate and served with whipped cream on top

White Mocha

Espresso and steamed milk mixed with white chocolate syrup and served with whipped cream. These are a lot sweeter than regular mochas, but also a bit less healthy

Mocha Valencia

Mocha with Valencia (orange) syrup and an extra espresso shot added, with whipped cream.

Cinnamon Spice Mocha

A mocha with cinnamon syrup added, served with foam and cinnamon on top rather than whipped cream.

Toffee Nut Latte

A latte flavored with the new Toffee Nut syrup, which tastes, well, toffee-like. Similar to a combination of hazelnut and vanilla. Served with whipped cream


A solo espresso is a single shot, which is a bit less than an ounce. A doppio espresso is two shots. A triple espresso is three, and a quad shot is four (and only for the brave)

Espresso Macchiato

Espresso dropped into a cup and topped with a small amount of foam

Espresso Con Panna

Espresso in a big squirt of whipped cream. Ordered by the number of shots, rather than cup size


A shot of espresso made with half and half instead of regular milk. This makes it a bit thicker, a bit sweeter, a bit more expensive and a lot more fattening

Café au lait

A French coffee with hot milk added, in contrast to white coffee, which is coffee with room temperature milk or other whitener added

Red Eye

Fortified coffee drink in which espresso is combined with normal drip brew coffee


Espresso served over gelato. Traditionally, vanilla is used, but some coffeehouses or customers use any flavor.


Made of layers of espresso, drinking chocolate, and whole milk, invented and served in Turin.

Black eye


Espresso served in Key West's Cuban cafes (sugar is always added; but may be added before or after brewing)

Caffè Crema

It is produced by running 180 ml–240 ml (6–8 oz) of water when brewing an espresso, primarily by using a coarser grind. It is similar to a Long Black or Americano, but extracts differently and has a different taste profile.

Caffè Macchiato

A small amount of milk or, sometimes, its foam is spooned onto the espresso, in Italy it further differentiates between caffè macchiato caldo (warm) and caffè macchiato freddo (cold), depending on the temperature of the milk being added. The caffè macchiato is to be differentiated from the latte macchiato (described below). In France, it is known as anoisette.

Caffè Medici

A doppio poured over chocolate syrup and orange peel, usually topped with whipped cream, the drink originated at Seattle's historic Last Exit on Brooklyn

Caffè Tobio

Espresso with an equal amount of American coffee, similar to Americano or long black


Espresso with a shot of liquor.


Coffee with a shot of liquor, usually grappa or brandy. Corretto is also the common Italian word for "spiked (with liquor)".


(Sp./Port. "cut"): Espresso "cut" with a small amount of warm milk


Sugar is added to the collection container before brewing for a sweet flavor, different from that if the sugar is added after brewing. Sugar can also be whipped into a small amount of espresso after brewing and then mixed with the rest of the shot. Sometimes called cafe tinto.


2 shots of espresso


espresso, steamed milk, and a dusting of cocoa powder, similar to the Marocchino


A hot-over-cold layered espresso beverage consisting of a foundation of 2 US ounces of cold milk or soy (fruit flavors optional) topped with a carefully pulled shot of espresso and served in a small, clear shooter glass.

Flat White

a coffee drink made of one-third espresso and two thirds steamed milk with little or no foam, very similar to "latte"


A type of espresso coffee blended with ice and milk, branded exclusively by Starbucks.


Originally, one or two shots of hot espresso, poured over slices of lime it can also be served on ice, sometimes with a touch of milk.

Ice Brewed

Brewed with chips or cubes of ice added to the basket, which results in more volume and crème. Originated on small, inexpensive espresso machines, the technique is useful on other machines to change depth of flavor and other characteristics.

Latte Macchiato

Essentially an inverted café latte, with the espresso poured on top of the milk, the latte macchiato is to be differentiated from the caffè macchiato (described above). In Spain, it is known as manchada, Spanish for stained (milk).

Long Black

Similar to an Americano, but with the order reversed, the espresso is added to hot water.


More water (about 1.5 x volumes) is let through the ground coffee, yielding a weaker taste (40 ml), also known as an allongé in French.


espresso, steamed milk, and a dusting of cocoa powder, similar to the espressino.


Of Venezuelan etymology, it is an espresso with milk; it varies from marron claro (light brown) with more milk to marron oscuro (dark brown) with less milk.


Normally a latte blended with chocolate, this is not to be confused with the region of Yemen or the coffee associated with that region (which is often seen as 1/2 of the blend mocha java).


It’s restricted or espresso corto (It. "short"): With less volume, it yields a stronger, sweeter taste (10–20 ml) (café serré or café court in French).

Non-Espresso Bar Drinks

Hot Chocolate

Chocolate and steamed milk, with a little vanilla added because the mocha syrup is not very sweet, and served with whipped cream

Italian Steamed Milk

Just steamed milk with a flavor syrup and topped off with Whipped Cream

Chai Latte

Sweetened Chai syrup (black spice tea and spices) added to steamed milk. There is caffeine since it's made with black tea. These taste really good with chocolate (surprisingly enough) or just one pump of gingerbread syrup

Steamed Cider

Is steamed to a nice hot temperature

Caramel Apple Cider

Steamed cider with cinnamon syrup, whipped cream, and caramel sauce

Coffee Based Blended Drinks


A pre-made coffee / sweetener base blended with ice, resulting in kind of a milkshake looking concoction. Normally served without whipped cream unless it's requested


A Coffeeuccino with chocolate syrup mixed in, normally served without whipped cream unless it's requested


A Coffeeuccino with caramel syrup added, served with whipped cream and caramel sauce drizzled on top. One of the sweetest coffee-based drinks and also one of the most popular

White Mochauccino

A Coffeeuccino with white mocha syrup mixed in


A Coffeeuccino with a shot of espresso added

Espresso Shots


Made with just one shot of espresso


Made with two shots


Made with three shots


Made with four shots. Hope you weren't planning on sleeping anytime soon


This is so rarely requested that even many baristas don't recognize it. A normal shot of espresso takes about twenty seconds to pull; a ristretto shot is stopped at fifteen seconds, making a slightly smaller, less bold shot

Shot in the Dark

A cup of drip coffee with one shot of espresso in it. aka Canadiano.

Flavor Syrup


Flavor syrup can be added to any drink, including regular coffee, Coffeeuccino, iced tea and Chai. The syrup is basically sugar water with some kind of flavoring



All normal bar drinks can be made with nonfat milk instead of whole. Blended drinks are made from pre-mixed concentrate, so the milk can't be changed, but most are fairly low in fat anyway, especially if you skip the whipped cream

Low-fat / “Percent”

Drinks can also be made with low-fat milk, which is actually a 50-50 mixture of whole and nonfat

Soy Milk

Is a beverage made from soy beans and is available in Vanilla & Chocolate flavors as well as its original unflavored form


is defined by the USDA in America as milk from cows that have been exclusively fed organic feed, have not been treated with synthetic hormones, and are not given certain medications to treat sickness


This is the vital component of the much-anticipated holiday drink, the eggnog latte. It's only available during the winter season



Lattes and cappuccinos are served with a certain amount of fluffy foamed milk on top. You can always ask for more or less, or no foam at all

Wet & Dry

Cappuccinos are made with much more foam than lattes, standards dictate half milk, half foam. A dry cappuccino has more foam, a wet cappuccino has less. There's a fine line between a very wet cappuccino and an extra-foam latte

Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is made fresh at every event, and it's yummy. Mochas, white mochas, and automatically come with whip; most other things don't. If you really want whip, or really don't, make sure to tell the barista when you order, because it's a lot easier to tell us in the beginning than it is to take it off or add it once the drink has been made. And also realize that whipped cream is quite laden with calories; getting your mocha made with non-fat milk doesn't do you much good when you triple the amount of calories with a dollop of whip

Extra Hot

Some people like their drinks extra extra piping hot. Others just want it to still be drinkable an hour later. In any case, if you order something extra hot, don't drink it too fast, because it could be up to or possibly over 170 degrees. Anything over that is technically scalding the milk, but if you want it at 180, go ahead and specify that


140 Degrees

If you find normal drinks too hot to drink, and want to save your taste buds from a fiery death, order your drink at a hundred and forty degrees -- this is still quite warm, but not tongue-roasting


By Cappuccino On Call rules, any drink that's going to be served to a child must be no hotter than 130 degrees

Sugar / Sweet ‘n’ Low / Equal / Splenda

Baristas are prohibited from adding anything you hand them to your drinks, but the various sweeteners available on the condiment bar are also stocked near the espresso bar, so you can ask to have two Equals, or three sugar packets, or whatever, added to your drink while it's being made. This mixes it in better and saves you time, plus it doesn't cost extra

Caramel Sauce

There's two forms of caramel flavoring: caramel syrup, which is the sugar water stuff used to flavor caramel coffeeuccino, and caramel sauce, which is gooey, genuine caramel. This is drizzled on top of caramel coffeeuccinos, caramel macchiato, caramel mochas and caramel apple ciders. You can ask for it on other stuff, but be sure to specify sauce rather than syrup, and it may cost you extra


Just about all drinks can be served over ice rather than steamed. Iced and blended is a whole different thing -- those are coffeeuccinos. Taking a regular iced mocha, for example, and blending it, does not work

Extra Ice & Light Ice

Depending on your iced beverage preferences, you can always ask for more or less ice than usual

Upside Down

This pertains to caramel macchiato -- normally these are made with the shots and caramel dropped on top. Making one upside down means that it'll be more thoroughly mixed, and the caramel melted a bit

Double Blended

Double-blending a Frappuccino makes it smoother and more liquid